DAV Explorer as Applet

DAV Explorer can also be run as applet from within a Web browser, using the <APPLET> or <EMBED> tags in a webpage:

DAV Explorer as applet

The following HTML snippet demonstrates the use of the <APPLET> tag:

	<PARAM NAME=uri VALUE="http://dav-url/webdav/">
	<PARAM NAME=username VALUE="username">
	<PARAM NAME=password VALUE="password">
	<PARAM NAME=proxy VALUE="proxy-url">

Alternatively, the <EMBED> tag can be used:
<EMBED TYPE = "application/x-java-applet"
	WIDTH    = "800"
	HEIGHT   = "400"
	code     = "edu.uci.ics.DAVExplorer.AppletMain.class"
	archive  = "DAVExplorer.jar"
	uri      = "http://dav-url/webdav/"
	username = "username"
	password = "password"
	proxy    = "proxy-url">

The username and password parameters are optional for security reasons. In fact, we consider it BAD PRACTICE to provide them in clear text on a webpage, unless the webpage is accessible only through secure means, e.g., using SSL. If they are not specified on the webpage, they are requested interactively.
The proxy parameter is optional and allows the automatic use of a proxy server if specified.

The applet code also supports the use of SSL. It has been tested with JRE 1.4.
Since DAV Explorer accesses restricted properties, the jar file is signed by the DAV Explorer Team to allow the use as applet.

When using JRE 1.4 and above, it may be required to run the Java policytool program, policytool, before using DAV Explorer as applet:

Policy Tool Main Window

The policytool program can set the permissions for the appropriate codebase, http://my-url/DAVExplorer.jar, to whatever DAV Explorer needs. The easiest is to allow All Permissions, but it can be set finer-grained, to set Property Permissions, File Permissions, and Socket Permissions:

Policy Tool Permissions Window

Detailed information about the Java policytool program is available here.

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