Advanced DAV Explorer Topics

Using a Proxy Server

DAV Explorer allows the use of WebDAV through a WebDAV compliant Proxy Server. To set your proxy server information, from the Edit menu, select "Edit Proxy Info".:

Edit Menu

Enter the Proxy Server URL in the window that appears, then select "OK".

Proxy Info Dialog

To run DAV Explorer without a proxy server, simply delete the entry in this dialog.

SSL Operation

To use DAV Explorer with an SSL-enabled WebDAV server, start it with "" or "DAVExplorerSSL.bat", depending on your computing platform.
It is also possible from within DAV Explorer to select SSL operations, through an entry in the Edit menu:

Edit Menu SSL Selection

DAV Explorer indicates the use of SSL in the main window by displaying the "https:" prefix:

SSL URL Dialog

DAV Explorer validates the SSL certificate presented by the server. If it can't do so, for example if the certificate is self-certified, DAV Explorer presents a warning message:

Untrusted Server Warning

If you select "No" here, the connection is aborted.
Once the SSL connection is established, all communication between DAV Explorer and the selected WebDAV server is securely encrypted.
The following screenshot shows the main DAV Explorer window after an SSL connection has been established.

DAV Explorer/SSL Screenshot

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