DAV Explorer Get/Modify ACLs

To view or modify the access control entry of a resource, first select the resource, and then select the "View/Modify ACLs" entry of the Access Control menu:

Access Control Menu

DAV Explorer shows the ACL dialog:

View/Modify ACL Dialog

The dialog shows all currently defined Access Control Entries (ACEs) for the resource. Some ACEs may have been inherited from a parent resource. That is indicated in the "Inherited From" column.
Non-inherited ACLs can be modified or deleted. A double click on an ACE allows modification of that ACE.
New ACEs can be added by clicking the "Add Principal" button. A new dialog is then shown:

Add ACE Principal Tab

This dialog is also shown if an ACE is modified. The Principal tab on the dialog has a drop-down box to specify the principal for the new ACE.
The Privileges tab allows the selection of the privileges for the new ACE:

Add ACE Privileges Tab

Clicking on the "Change" button brings up a dialog to select the privileges:

Select ACE Privileges

In this dialog, the left list shows the available privileges, and the right list shows the selected privileges. Privileges in the left list can be selected and added to the right list using the right arrow button ("=>"). Privileges can be removed from the right list by selecting them and pressing the left arrow button ("<=").

The Grant/Deny tab allows to select whether the privileges are to be denied or granted to the principal:

Grant/Deny Tab

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