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DAV Explorer is a WebDAV, DeltaV and ACL client application that uses the WebDAV, DeltaV and ACL protocols to provide: The user interface for the DAV Explorer is similar in look and functionality to the Explorer program which is provided by the Windows operating system. The DAV Explorer is a useful tool for interoperability testing a WebDAV server, since it is capable of exercising the majority of the functionality specified in RFC 2518, the WebDAV Distributed Authoring Protocol specification, while logging the protocol stream. However, DAV Explorer can also be used for remote namespace management, and has collaboration support for groups which employ a lock-download-work-upload-unlock authoring process.

DAV Explorer also supports the linear versioning of resources through the use of RFC 3253, the DeltaV Versioning Extensions to WebDAV protocol specification. DAV Explorer supports the linear checkout, uncheckout, checkin, and reporting functionality specified in the DeltaV specification.

DAV Explorer also supports the WebDAV Access Control Protocol as specified in RFC 3744.

This version of DAV Explorer was developed by Yuzo Kanomata and Joe Feise at the University of California, Irvine, who substantially improved the previous release, which was developed by Gerair Balian, Robert Emmery, Mirza Baig, Tu Le, and Thai Le. The DeltaV support is based on code from Max Slabyak, Matt Story, and Hyung Kim. DAV Explorer utilizes the HTTPClient package, and the Microsoft XML parser. The HTTPClient package was modified to allow logging of outgoing and incoming packets. The MS XML parser code was modified to allow for compilation with Sun's Java 2 compiler.

DAV Explorer is a Java application which uses Java 2 (tested with JDKs 1.2 to 1.4). and has successfully been run on Microsoft Windows from Windows 95 to Server 2003, Solaris and Linux. It has been reported to run on Macintosh computers, with MacOS 9 and MRJ 2.2.3 (thanks to Robert Brunner for the report), and with Mac OS X (reported by Michael Peters and Jim Williams.)
The steps required to run DAV Explorer on MacOS 9 as reported by Robert are:

For Mac OS X, a simple doubleclick on the DAVExplorer.jar file is sufficient to start DAV Explorer.
DAV Explorer may run on other platforms, but this has not been verified.
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